Monthly Archives: August 2011

we have moved!

Our day trip to Largs went really well – 14 women and their children enjoying a day at the seaside is a lovely sight to behold. Even the best efforts of the Scottish weather did not dampen the day.

In other and very important news – we have made the big move! We are now based in the Red Road flats.

Built in the 1960s these flats were seen as a solution to the housing crisis of that time – with many people living in slums where overcrowding was commonplace. However the new flats were not without their own problems and by the 1970s the high rises were known for anti-social behaviour and crime.

In the late nineties the then labour government made changes to immigration and asylum policy which lead to Scotland receiving a large number of asylum seekers – with many housed in the red road flats. In recent times this has lead to a varied mix of native Scots, black and minority ethic groups and migrant workers from eastern Europe inhabiting the flats. Over the last few years regeneration has started in the area which has led to buildings being marked for demolition.

As part of the regeneration process two of the flats have been worked into a wonderful community studio – of which we are very grateful to have been given use of. The address is 10 Red Road Court Flat 23/3 (buzzer 223) – a map can be seen HERE. We meet on Mondays (note change of date from Thursday) from 10am -5pm.

Photos of our new abode can be found HERE. We are easily reachable by bus – services 9, 12 and 56 go from city centre.

As part of our move we have also compiled a wish list of things that we need – if you have any of these going spare and would like to donate please contact us unitywomensproject[@] We have very little in the way of funding so all donations will be gratefully received.

  • drawing pins

  • scissors

  • sticky tape

  • big notice board

  • writing pens (biros)

  • kid’s pens

  • staples and stapler

  • hole punch

  • 2 draw filling cabinet

  • printer

  • paper

  • kid’s toys

  • rug/cushions

  • music player

  • cds