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volunteer meeting and other news

Hello there! Our drop in sessions have been very busy these last few weeks – it is the summer holidays so the women we support have been bringing their children. It is really nice to see the weans having a good time and acting like children should – regardless of what they have come through.

We recently had a volunteer meeting where we discussed important issues such as our outreach and advocacy work, training and funding. In regards to funding – we have decided to make a standing order form available for those who want to donate money to our cause.

We have set up a bank account to allow us to raise funds. The standing order form can be found HERE as a .doc file. The form is to be sent to your bank who will set it up. It can be cancelled by you at any time. Suggested donation £5 a month but we welcome as much (or as little) as you can afford.

All money raised will go straight to supporting our women and their children as they make their way through the asylum process. Most recently our funds have been spent on accompanying the women we support to court in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. It is important that we are there to give support as the process can be intimidating – also it means that we can look after children in the waiting room whilst their mother is in at court. We also pay the train fare for those going to Edinburgh and provide them with a packed lunch.

We are still working on moving our operation to Springburn – got a few tasks to complete before we are able to. Really excited about the move as it will increase the amount of people who we can support.

In other news an article about ourselves was featured in a newsletter from the charity Asylum Aid. This is a highly respected independent charity who provide free and accessible legal representation of the highest professional standard for vulnerable asylum seekers. As well as this they are active in campaigning for an asylum process where asylum seekers are granted their full human rights. They have been active since 1990. You can read the article HERE.